Ethical Principles

to be Dependable and Respectable

Roketsan members are true to their word, transparent and reliable, they take honesty and morality as the most essential factors and they always adhere to them, they maintain other’s respect to themselves and to Roketsan.

to be Sharing

Roketsan members are sharing in all their relations with their partners;they are aware
of the fact that sharing is the driving power of progress and advancement.

to be Open to Progress, Evolution and Criticism

Uninterrupted self-renewal, ceaseless search for being better and more productive, questioning the way in which the work assigned can be done best, in the shortest time possible to such questions are inseparable parts of Roketsan’s culture.

Roketsan members are open to new ideas and changes; they remove the impediments to creativity and transform critics into opportunities to further develop themselves.

to be Honest, Open and Fair in the Relations with Partners

Roketsan members are honest and open towards all their partners, whether in the company or otherwise, they have a strong sense of justice.

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