Warfare [ASW] Rocket And Launcher System

Anti-Submarine Warfare [ASW] Rocket and Launcher System; is developed to be deployed on new type patrol boats in order to engage undersea targets within a range of 500-2,000 m and a depth of 15-300 m and it has an automatic laying system that works in tandem with the vessel’s weapon management system and sonar.

The system can generate single or salvo fire against its targets, while its setting fuze allows the rockets to be detonated at the desired depth. The ASW Rocket, with its high explosive warhead, also has an insensitive ammunition feature. The firing system is capable of stabilization, and automatically and manually laying. The Fire Control System utilizes the navigation and target information provided by the vessel and calculates the necessary firing data.

Technical Specifications

Diameter 196 mm
Weight (Rocket) 35,5 kg
Weight (Explosive) 12 kg
Weight of Launcher 1.200 kg
Length (Rocket) 1,3 m
Range 500-2.000 m
Depth of Detonation 15-300 m
Warhead Type High Explosive
Fuze Type Time Setting [Automatic Depth Setting by Fire Control Computer]
Salvo Interval 0,8 sn
Propellant Type Reduced Smoke Composite Propellant
Launcher System Stabilized, Automatic Launcher Laying Using Sonar Data
Launcher System Rocket 6
Launcher Laying Automatic Manual [Back-Up]
Denizalti Savunma Harbi Roketi ve Atıcı Sistemi Anagorsel

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