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Roketsan Academy

Roketsan Academy

Our Roketsan Academy is a competency-based learning and development platform with its exemplary and admirable structure;

  • To turn Employee Potential into Performance,
  • To support the career advancements of the employees,
  • To achieve synergy with energy.


Roketsan Academy Logo

Our Vision

To create a global competent manpower and intellectual capital with a future-based dynamic model and an interdisciplinary approach

Our Mission

To support people-oriented, free and authentic, corporate and individual learning and development environment, by taking a pioneering and unifying role in shaping the future of Roketsan and its ecosystem

Rsa YapisiRoketsan Academy

As Roketsan Academy, we perform activities under 3 main branches;

  • To offer worldwide domestic and international training and development opportunities to our employees,
  • To create competent manpower and intellectual capital,
  • To adapt to changing circumstances,
  • To strengthen “Team Spirit - WE”,
  • To support the organizational memory.

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Professional Excellence Branch

Training and development opportunities focusing on technical competencies and addressing the key details are offered to all our employees under this branch in order to have in-depth specialization in related domain, to create common language and to ensure professional development.

Inovatif Liderlik Icon

Innovative Leadership Branch

Training and development opportunities focusing on behavioral and managerial skills are offered to all our employees under this branch in order to lead the business, provide managerial development and strengthen their innovative capacity and perspective.

Surdurulebilirlik Icon

Sustainability Branch

Training and development opportunities such as orientation, regulation and process management tools are offered to all our employees under this branch in order to support the organizational culture with the shared understanding of doing business and to ensure the sustainability of our organization.




We gather with our employees at Akılüssü platform to learn from each other, exchange experiences, to develop as a team and to say "We are strong together!"


Your Story

What’s Your Story?

We invite our employees, who have a story to tell about nature, art, sports, development, career, in brief about “life”, to the Roketsan Academy Stage.


Roketsan Kutuphanesi

Roketsan Library

We support our employees who contribute to Roketsan’s innovative activities by providing all kinds of scientific documentation and information that may be required within the scope of all processes, both from domestic and international sources, in hard and soft copies, at the soonest possible time and with reliable methods.


mtRS Program

Future leaders are trained with mtRS!

We provide support to our leaders who will shape our future with our “mtRS Program” under the Roketsan Academy Innovative Leadership Branch, in order to develop potential candidates capable of managing rapid growth and advanced technology development with an agile and visionary understanding and to train them as managers. With this program, we are pleased and feel honored to receive an award in the "TEGEP Learning and Development Awards 2018" under the "Leadership and Management Development Program Category".

*mtRS: Acronym for more than Rocket Science and Roketsan’s Management Trainees

E Kampus


By adapting to the development trends of the future, we actively use new generation learning models at our platform, which has an influence on our competence for adaptation to change. We contribute to the development of our employees with our digital learning platform “e-Campus”, providing full-time information support.

Rs Talks


We bring together all our employees and their families with professional, visionary and well-known speakers at workshops that we organize throughout the year.

Gelistiren Roketsanli DEVELOPING RSA


We’re Learning Together...

As Roketsan Academy, we attach importance to make learning and development activities both benefit-oriented and result-focused and to ensure the sustainability of such activities 

Accordingly, we implement the “Internal  Trainer and Domain Expertise Program” for the purposes mentioned below. 

  • To intensify our organizational memory through intergenerational knowledge and experience transfer
  • To strengthen competence development as well as individual learning - continuous learning approaches 
  • To create an environment for learning from each other – developing each other culture

In this program, where our employees participate voluntarily in the selection, evaluation and development processes which are pre-defined, our employees can assume the role of a "Trainer" as per their domain expertise to provide in-house trainings to other employees, and the "Domain Expert" role to prepare and update training contents and to guide the coaches.


Lisansustu Egitim Destegi Erasmus+ Vocational Education and Training Project

We, as Roketsan, are among the accredited organizations within the scope of the "Erasmus+ Vocational Education and Training Project" conducted by Turkey National Agency. As the consortium leader, we support our employees, the employees of institutions and organizations with which we are partners, and other stakeholders in our ecosystem to participate in international activities such as internship, vocational training, on-the-job training, courses, workshops and etc.

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