R&D and Technology Management
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Why do we need Technology Management?

Technology Management is a discipline that manages all the activities regarding the management, planning, development of technological capabilities, setting new technology acquisition strategies, maintaining and commercializing the acquired technologies, in order for the organizations to achieve their visions and strategic goals. 

The technological capabilities of the organization can be managed by monitoring technology trends, identifying technologies to be acquired and abandoned, fostering technology collaborations, identifying duplications in technology development activities, prioritizing technology development activities to be conducted, technology roadmapping and managing product portfolio, monitoring technology development activities and technology inventory.

Technology Roadmap is a concept consisting of technology definition form and business intelligence applications, covering the fields of activity to be engaged with the technologies to be acquired in the future, technical and economic evaluations, policy and strategy proposals, resource requirements, activity schedule and duty and responsibility descriptions related to such activities.

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Technology Management System

Technology Roadmap is followed via ROKETSAN PUSULA®. ROKETSAN PUSULA® consists of Technology Definition Form ERP Application and ROKETSAN PUSULA® Business Intelligence Application, where the data in this form is interpreted and analyzed.

Technology definition forms going through the approval and prioritization processes are transferred to the 3-year activity plan.

In the Technology Definition Form application, which is integrated with the budget system, the inventory of technologies acquired previously can also be created.

Technology Management System is fed from ROKETSAN Technology and Academy Collaboration Platform which is ROTA™ . Acquired technological competencies are protected by the intellectual property rights.

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Technology Management Concepts

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R&D Awards


At the 6th Private Sector R&D and Designs Summit, Roketsan won the "R&D Staff Recruitment" & "Project Capacity" awards.

2017 2

The Ammonium Dinitramide (ADN) Development project carried out by Roketsan was awarded the “Defense Industry Special Award” under the "Technology Development" category by the Presidency of Defense Industries.


Roketsan was awarded the “Added Value Created Award” by the Ankara Chamber of Industry.


TÜBİTAK HORIZON 2020 Success Award.





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