Fuze Systems

Design, qualification, production and delivery activities of missile fuzes, artillery rocket fuzes and ammunition fuzes for different sizes are carried out at Roketsan Fuze Technology Center.

Proximity fuze production for Long Range 122 mm Rockets manufactured by Roketsan; Electromechanical fuze production for CİRİT, L-UMTAS, UMTAS and OMTAS Missiles;  Electromechanical fuze production for MAM-L and MAM-C Smart Munitions;  Electromechanical fuze production for DSH Rocket, TRG-230 Missile Proximity fuze productions, electromechanical fuze verification and qualification activities for KARAOK Missile, development activities for electromechanical / electronic fuzes for Kamikaze UAVs, development activities of Laser Guided Mini Missile Fuze and test support for the development and verification process of TST-101 Fuze, developed by TÜBİTAK SAGE and planned to be used in Aircraft Bombs and SOM Missiles, and preparatory acitvities for the serial production of TST-101 Fuze at ROKETSAN are carried out.

Fuzes, designed and developed with a system engineering approach in accordance with MIL-STD-1316 and STANAG-4187 within Fuze Technology Center, are tested in accordance with MIL-STD-331 and MIL-STD-810.

Test Infrastructure

  • Climatic Test Chambers
  • Anechoic Chamber
  • Jolt/Jumble Test Equipment
  • 1,5 m & 12 m Drop Test Equipment
  • ESD Test Equipment
  • HALT/ HASS Test Equipment
  • Explosion Test Equipment
  • Centrifugal Test Equipment
  • Vibration Test Equipment
  • X-Ray Inspection Equipment
  • Endoscopic Inpection Equipment


Roketsan 107mm Tapa

107 mm Rocket Impact Fuze

Roketsan 122mm Tapa

122 mm Rocket Impact Fuze

Roketsan 122mm Yaklasma Tapa

122 mm Rocket Proximity Fuze

Roketsan 300mm Yaklasma Tapa

300 mm Guided Rocket Proximity Fuze

Roketsan Dsh Tapa

Anti-Submarine Warfare Rocket Fuze


Roketsan Cirit Tapa

CİRİT [2,75”] Missile Fuze

Roketsan Omtas Tapa

Anti-Tank Missile Fuze

Roketsan Mam L Tapa

Smart Micro Munition [MAM-L] Fuze

Roketsan Mam C Tapa

Smart Micro Munition  [MAM-C] Fuze

Roketsan 300 Kaplan Tapa

TRG-300 Missile Fuze

Roketsantrg 230 Yaklasmali Tapa

TRG-230 Missile Proximity Fuze

Roketsan Karaok Tapa

KARAOK Anti-Tank Missile Fuze

Lazer Gudumlu Mini Fuze Tapa

Laser Guided Miniature Missile Fuze


M56 Fisek Tapasi

20 mm Ammunition Fuze

Rst 100 Tapa

RST-100 Artillery Ammunition Fuze

Rst 500 Tapa

RST-500 Multi-Option Fuze

Vurucu Iha Tapa

Kamikaze UAV Ammunition [RİHAM-C] Fuze

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