Surface-To-Surface Cruise Missile

Kara Atmaca Weapon System, is a jamming-resistant long-range cruise missile system launched on tactical wheeled vehicles and used against strategical land targets.

System Specifications

  • Autonomous
  • Long Range
  • Low Observable
  • High Precision
  • All Weather Operational Capability
  • Resistant to Countermeasures
  • Target Update, Re-Target and Mission Abort Capability via Data Link
  • Advanced Mission Planning [3D routing]
  • Time on Target [ToT], Designated Time on Target [DToT], Simultaneous Time on Target [SToT], Ripple [Salvo] Fire
  • Fired From Tactical Wheeled Vehicles and Engagement Against Stationary Targets [Strategic Land Targets, Sam Batteries, Stationary / Mobile Launchers]
  • Re-Attack Mode

Technical Specifications

Length 6 m
Weight 890 kg
Range 280 km
Guidance INS* + GPS** + Barometric Altimeter + Radar Altimeter + TRN***
Warhead High Explosive, Blast Fragmentation, Penetration Warhead
Warhead Weight 250 Kg
Seeker Imaging Infrared Seeker

*INS Inertial Navigation System
**GPS Global Positioning System
***TRN Terrain Referenced Navigation 


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