MAM-T Munition was developed for unmanned aerial vehicles and light attack aircraft for use in critical air/ground missions. With its fixed wing structure and improved warhead,MAM-T provides the user with high strike precision and efficiency against fixed and mobile targets at longer ranges.

System Specifications

  • Destruction of Static and Mobile Targets through High Strike Precisions
  • High Blast Fragmentation Warhead Developed in Accordance with UAV Operational Concepts
  • Increased Range through Wing Addition
  • High Destructive Power
  • Against Critical Aerial Targets

Technical Specifications

Diameter 230 mm
Length 1.4 m
Weight 95 kg
Range UAV - 30+ km
Guidance Laser Seeker
Warhead Type Blast Fragmentation Warhead
Platform Unmanned Aerial Vehicles [UAV], Light Attack Aircraft
Mam T Anagorsel

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