120 mm Laser Guided Tank Cannon Munitions

TANOK 120 mm Laser Guided Tank Cannon Munition has been developed as an innovative alternative to the conventional munitions used in tanks and other artillery guns, and provides accurate and cost-effective firepower on the battlefield.

TANOK Missile satisfies the need of the Turkish Armed Forces for laser-guided anti-tank artillery ammunition. Thanks to its low weight and soft launch engine, which ensures the safety of the user, the missile can be fired from both land and portable platforms.

System Specifications

  • Can be Fired from Existing Tanks without the Need for Modification
  • High Hit Probability against Static and Mobile Targets due to its Semi-Active Laser Guidance
  • Direct and Top Attack Modes
  • Effectiveness against Heavy Armoured Threats and Bunkers with its Armor-Piercing Tandem Warhead

Technical Specifications

Diameter 120 mm
Length 984 mm
Weight 11 kg
Range 1-6 km
Seeker Semi-Active Laser Seeker
Warhead Type Armour Piercing Tandem
Types of Targets Heavy and Light Armoured Vehicles
Platforms Tanks, Land Vehicles

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