Laser-Guided Missile

2.75” Laser Guided CİRİT Missile is a highly accurate and cost-effective solution for armed helicopters, and is optimized for use against static or moving lightly armored/unarmored targets. The next generation CİRİT has been designed to fill the tactical gap between 2.75” unguided rockets and guided anti-tank missiles.


CİRİT Laser-Guided Missile’s versatile design permits easy integration and use with different platforms. It has already proven its capabilities in both air-to-surface and surface-to-surface engagement scenarios.

Technical Specifications

Diameter 2,75” [70 mm]
Length 1,9 m
Weight 15 kg [Without Canister]
Range 15-8 km
Warhead Type Multi-Purpose Warhead [MPW*]
High Explosive Warhead [HEW****]
Guidance MEMS**, IMU***, Semi-Active Laser Seeker
Engine Min. Smoke Composite Solid Propellant
Types of Targets Light Armored / Unarmored Vehicles, Infantry
Laser Designation Designators Compatible with STANAG 3733

*Multi-Purpose Warhead Multi-Purpose Warhead [Anti-Armour, Anti-Personnel and Incendiary]
**MEMS Micro Electro Mechanical Systems
***IMU Inertial Measurement Unit
****HEW High-Explosive Warhead [Anti-Personnel]

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