Rocket Launcher

Multi-Barrel Rocket Launcher [MBRL], is capable of providing precise fire on critical targets between the ranges of 10-280 km.

The MBRL is a highly maneuverable fire support system that can fire TR-122 & TRB-122 Unguided Rockets, TRG-122, TRLG-122, TRG-230, TRLG-230, TRG-300 and KHAN Missiles. A MBRL battery is composed of a Command & Control Vehicle, Launching Vehicles, Ammunition Supply Vehicles, a Meteorology Vehicle and a Maintenance & Repair Vehicle, as well as other mission vehicles that are needed.

System Specifications

  • Steel or Composite Pods
  • Automatic Aiming
  • Wired/Wireless - Voice / Data Communication System
  • Hydraulic Stabilization System
  • Integrated Ground Meteorology System
  • Cabin Pressurization System [Optional]
  • Power Supply and Distribution System
  • Inside Cabin and Remote Firing Capability
  • Ready to Fire within 5 Minutes
  • Ballistic Protection [Optional]

Battery Organization The Command & Control And Weapon

Management System of the battery can be integrated with modern fire support automation [tactical fire direction system] and battlefield command-control and management systems. 

Target acquisition radars or unmanned aerial vehicles supply target information to the battery.

Çok Namlulu Roket Atar Silah Sistemi 1

Technical Specifications

Diameter 122 mm, 230 mm,
300 mm ve 610 mm
Range 10 - 280 km
Number of Tubes 2 x 20 TR-122, TRB-122,
TRG-122, TRLG-122,
2 x 6 TRG-230, TRLG-230,
2 x 2 TRG-300,
1 x KHAN
Salvo Interval 0,5 ~ 15 sn
Vehicle 6x6 OR 8x8
Tactical Wheeled Vehicle
Aiming Automatic Manual [Back-Up]
Stabilization 4 Hydraulic Legs
Navigation System INS* + GPS**

*INS Inertial Navigation System
**GPS Global Positioning System 

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