Air Defence Missile System

SUNGUR Air Defence Missile System has been developed for the short-range air defence of moving/stationary troops and facilities located in the battlefield and its surroundings.

System Specifications

  • Longest Range in its Class
  • Lock-on before Launch via Imagining Infrared Seeker
  • High-Explosive Partial Piercing Warhead and Direct Attack
  • Minimum Flight Time
  • Platform integration
  • User Friendly Solution with a Viewing and Tracking Screen [Seeker, Thermal Target Footage]
  • Easy Target Acquisition and Launch through Voice and Symbology Instructions
  • Asymmetric Battle Capability
  • Integrated with Air Defence Early Warning Command and Control System [HERIKKS-6]
  • Identification Friend or Foe [IFF] Equipment [Upgradeable - Mechanical Connection]

Technical Specifications

Maksimum Range 8 km
Minimum Range 500 m
Altitude Up to 4 km [Sea Level]
Types Of Targets Fixed-Wing Aircraft Unmanned Rotary-Wing Aircraft [UAV]
Operation Mode Lock-On Before Launch [Fire-And-Forget]


  • Lock-on Before Launch
  • Resistant to Countermeasures
  • Automatic Target Tracking
  • ±40 Degree Visual Angle
  •  High Explosive, Semi Armor Piercing Warhead, Initiated By Programmable Impact Fuze
  • [Insensitive Munition, Type 4, Fuel Fire & Bullet Attack]
Launch Engine Separation in The Launch Tube
[Insensitive Munition, Type 4, Fuel Fire and Bullet Impact]
Flight Engine Two-Stage Solid Propellant Rocket [Insensitive Munition, Type 4, Fuel Fire and Bullet Impact]
  • Terminal Guidance via IIR [Imaging Infra-Red]
  • High Manoeuvrability and Rapid Performance Capability
Platform Types Land and Naval Platforms and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

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