105/155 mm Howitzer Range
Correction Kit

105/155 mm Howitzer Ammunition Range Correction Kit [MDK] is a guidance kit that can be used instead of the standard fuzes of unguided artillery ammunition, reducing the range probable error to 50 m.

System Specifications

  • Elliminating the Muzzle Velocity Update and Lot Management
  • No Need for Additional Specialized Personnel
  • Electronic Counter-Counter Measures Capability
  • GNSS Free


  • Low Cost and Increased Impact with Less Ammunition Use,
  • High Benefit in Accuracy and Operational Flexibility for 105 and 155 mm Howitzer Ammunition
  • Low Collateral Damage

Technical Specifications

Caliber 105 - 155 mm
Probable Error < 50 m
[Independent of Range]
On Front Safety Distance > 65 m
Operating Temperature -32 to +50 °C
Storage Temperature -33 to +63 °C
Compatible Munitions M107, MOD274 and Other 105/155 mm Howitzer Ammunition

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